WaterKeeps™ has water characteristic that is able to flowing like watering. It is most superior Water Proofing Agent in the world since it has not only best permeability but also best capability of elasticity and best transparency as well. In other word, we are surely saying that it has three special strong characters.Dreaming of perfect water-proofing is able to come true by using of the WaterKeeps™ as it has following three major characteristics.
Firstly: ☞ Permeability Secondly: ☞ Elasticity Thirdly: ☞ Transparency
1. Permeability:
As WaterKeeps™ has high permeability into any object that need to be waterproofing as much as the object is able to absorb the water, the object itself becomes waterproofing material once the WaterKeeps™ is absorbed. Accordingly, any adhesive concern about, definitely able to be avoided for its lifetime. It is comparably big difference with ordinal that remained such reliability concern of the waterproofing function.
2. Elasticity
As WaterKeeps™ is always able to keep the elasticity, it is concurrently functioning with its associated object against thermal expansion. So, it is always able to allow the waterproofing function. Of cause, some permeable type of waterproofing agent is present that is able to have high adhesive, but it has no elasticity, possible to breaking the function of the waterproofing.
3. Transparency
As WaterKeeps™ is basically transparency colored liquid, the object color is able to be kept as needed, no matter how thick layers are on it. But also any different colored agent is able to be produced according to user’s demand.
Type of WaterKeeps™ is; Spray type of water-proofing Layer by brush or roller or similar devices
It is very widely able to used for any kind of place where need to be waterproofing but not limited bellows:
1. Building/house floor and roof (Slab)
2. Tiled and stoned bathroom and swimming pool
3. Any wall causes condensate and/or bacteria
4. Outer wall used blocks and/or tiles
5. Combined with painting
6. Repair for bathroom
7. Door gaped and small cracks
8. Corrosive steel and/or iron structures

1. Building/house floor and roof (Slab)
Cleaning the area and/or place need to be waterproofing once there need to be water cleaned, dry out for a couple of days
No matter what the place/area are brittle, it will also be able to workout over the existing place.
Pour it over the place and then brushing it out all over the places.
Need to wait about4 hour to be formed
2. Tiled and stoned bathroom and swimming pool Use the WaterKeeps™ at the foundation process
Then use the tile or stone for the next process
3. Any wall causes condensate and/or bacteria
Removed the bacteria by solvent and wail for 3~4hour for work
In this case aerosol type is highly recommended.
4. Outer wall used blocks and/or tiles
Cleaning the wall by high pressure water and dry out for 3~4 hour for next process
Spraying the WaterKeeps™ by high pressurized compressor
5. Combined with painting
With aqueous painting, the painting first then use it later.
With oily painting, use the WaterKeeps™ first then paint later.
6. Repair for bathroom
7. Door gaped and small cracks
8. Corrosive steel and/or iron structures
9. Common: it will be softly firmed just like a jerry form after by means of spraying and/or layering of the WaterKeeps™

Major Features
1. WaterKeeps™ is able to have perfect water proofing since it has not only higher permeability but also higher capability of elasticity and best transparency as well.
2. WaterKeeps™ has an anticorrosive coating effect to the iron or steel that is exposed to the atmosphere. Especially is able to have excellent coating effect on the devices such as electric circuit board and related material against corrosive.
3. WaterKeeps™ is able to prevent invasion of the insects as having its slight coated surface by layering of it.
4. WaterKeeps™ is able to be kept the water proofing performance for 10 years of long life time without any maintenance. Even its workability is much simple as much as anyone able to work it out.
5. WaterKeeps™ is able to workable anytime regardless the atmosphere temperature and even regardless the seasons. (it is still workable even minus 30 deg. C as it is not frozen)
6. WaterKeeps™ is helpful to absorbing external impact onto it’s belonged object as it has higher flexibility and elasticity.
7. WaterKeeps™ is not only able to prevent any condensate but also capable to functioning of insulation.
8. WaterKeeps™ is easily workable by anyone as it has spray type and even offered a special Solbit roller for convenience work out.
9. WaterKeeps™ is also workable right on the asphalt sheet without any repair of it.
10. WaterKeeps™ is even able to be used for potable water tank repair and even concrete tank repair.


Test Data
Description Unit/Criteria Value Remarks
Tension Strength N/cm2(Kgf/cm2) 2,500 (255)
Tearing Strength N/cm2(Kgf/cm2) 260 (26)
Elongation % 1,118
Absorption Ration 24 hours 0.18
Thermal resistance Absorption ratio 0.27
Infiltration depth Concrete
Cement Brick
Veneer Board
Masonry Wall
Wooden PL
Beading Effect Waterproof surface Good
Calcium-Chloride Resistance No Influenced
Acid Resistance No Influenced
Performance Efficiency JIS K5400
Touchup Period (@ 20℃) Within 6 Hrs 0.5 Hrs JIS K5400
Tension Force(@20 ℃) More than 45Kg/m2 216 JIS K5400
Elongation/Max. Load More than 450% 1,141 JIS K6021
Bending Resistance (@ -10℃) Note 1 JIS K5400
Alkali Resistance (@20℃) Note 2 JIS K5400
Salt Resistance 3% Solution Note 3 JIS K5400
Adhesion Strength S1
1. By 10mm diameter core bar, no side effect was found.
2. Under the saturated Ca(OH)2 solution for 15 days, no side effect was found
3. Under the 3% of Saline solution for 15 days, no side effect was found.
All above data given by Korea Quality Institute of Construction Industry.

Description Contents
Coverage With 1 liter WaterKeeps(approx.) Floor or Roof 1.0 m2 brush & roller
Wall 1 2.0 m2 by airless pump
Wall 2 1.5 m2 by aerosol (420ml)
Coating Thickness Coating it as much as not flowing down in case work for the wall
Life time Guaranteed for 10 years at an exposed condition
Specific gravity 1.3 ~ 1.8
Layering Recommended at least twice
Drying time 5min ~ 60mim @15℃ and approx. 4 hour in case Zero temp
Harding time 1 day after able to use it
Chemical Resistance It is soluble in toluene, benzene, thinner, solvent etc.

1. Air tighten place shall be ventilated before used it since it might be suffocated by volatile solvent and may be able to leads a fire.
2. Prohibited mixing it with other agent since it is purified one-part type agent,
3. In order to avoid melting the agent, it shall be prohibited to use with polyesthylene form.



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